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Stability Analysis of Distributed Generation in Mesh Distribution Network in Free and Open Source Software

This paper presents stability analysis of distributed generation (DG) in mesh distribution network in Power System Analysis Toolbox (PSAT) — free and open source software. There are many technical aspects and challenges at DG that are still not properly understood. Since most of these studies have to be carried out based on simulations, adequate static and dynamic models for DG units are required. The objective of this paper is the dynamic and static modeling of various DG technologies for stability analysis. These models allow studying systems with DGs both in the long- and short term; thus, differential and algebraic equations of various DGs are formulated and discussed in order to integrate the models into a system model. The presented and discussed models are generally based on well-known dynamic models of different DGs for stability studies considering the dynamics of the primary governor, generators and their interfaces and controls. The results of applying these models for voltage and angle stability studies of a realistic distribution system are presented and compared, demonstrating the typical application of the presented units. Index Terms— Power System Modeling, Distributed Generation, Voltage Stability, Small Signal Stability.