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Pertinent Candidate Allocation System For Recruitment Based on Page Ranking Technique

Recruitment refers to the overall process of selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organization. Choosing the correct candidate for the correct job is a major issue that affects the organization performance. So the allocation system proposed here benefits the recruiter in selecting and managing the recruitment within the organization. Pertinent candidate allocation system involves keyword extraction, filtering and ranking techniques. The Job description is given in textual document from which keywords (skills like JAVA, PHP, PHYTHON; qualification, and number of years of experience) are extracted. Every Fiscal year, the employee are rated on the performance by their managers and that is given under a scale of 5. Employee profiles are filtered based on certification, awards and performance rating score assigned to employee profile and similarity score obtained in filtering module. The filtering process reduce dispersion between the same values. Finally the candidate profile are ranked using page rank algorithm based on number of hit count value that is obtain by the maximum number of searches made on the individual profile. Thus distinct allocation system used to identify and improve the candidate/job matching. Keywords— Filtering, ranking, page rank, keyword extraction.