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Finding Error Rate and Improving Network Efficiency in WSN

Wireless Sensor Network is collection of the independent node and develop a network for monitoring purpose in different situation like environmental operation, military operation etc. all these are collectively called as wireless sensor network. Now a days the wireless sensor network size is increasing rapidly, because of huge network size consumption of the energy is also increased compare to before and it has small battery, because of early death of node the lifetime of the network is decreased and it effect the overall system performance. For the improvement of the network lifetime in the wireless sensor network clustering is a technique which is used. A new adaptive substance swarm optimization (ASSO) method for clustering is proposed in this paper and maximum number of cluster will be calculated, which is best suited for the network. Cluster head and cluster member is given to each cluster and the local information extraction task is performed. Cluster head collect all the extracted information from the member node after then it will be sent to the base station, the global information extraction from all the cluster head nodes is performed by the base station and generate some useful result. Error probability is considered in transmission of data packets in one hop communication is considered by author. Obtained result is compared with “Energy Aware Swarm Optimization with Inter cluster Search for Wireless Sensor Network” author Shanmugasundaram Thilagavathi in terms of network lifetime, drop rate and average throughput is observed by author. Keywords— Error, Packet, Cluster, ASSO.