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User Centric Dynamic Ridesharing Android Based Application With Robust Protection System

“Social Commute Sharing” is an android application that enables the commuters to share their commute with his/her friends from the commuter’s phonebook. This application provides features like creating rides for friends, finding available rides in a certain kilometer radius, requesting for a ride, in-app chat system through which you can communicate with the driver before taking the ride, SMS based helping system (SOS) for emergencies, and much more.SMS based helping system (SOS) enables user to alert family, friends, police and anyone in predefined km radius in case of danger at a press of a button. The main objective of this application is to enable carpooling with much more security through integrated SOS alert solution and at the same time it addresses problems like air pollution, traffic congestion and economical concern of commuter. Index Terms— Ridesharing, Social, Commute, Carpool, Android, SOS.