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A Review on Data Encryption Techniques Used For Social Media on Internet

In today’ scientific world the demand of new technologies based on software is increasing rapidly and on a large scale. These technologies are therefore used and implemented in computers and smart phones or any other such electronic device. With the advancement of computing environment there is an immense need of protecting it as well. We all know that today most of the people have their accounts on Google, facebook, whatsapp and other means of social media. But the question at the same time arises that how much secure our personal information is on these social media sites. In order to protect ourselves from any kind of unauthorized or malicious attacks we need to protect our data as much as we can. For data protection we need to encrypt it. In this paper we shall study some of the conventional encryption methods, importance of encryption, encryption used on social media and phones and the growing need of encryption with time. Keywords— Cryptography, Symmetric Encryption, Asymmetric Encryption, Public key, Private Key.