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A Robust Image Concealing In Videos Using Dynamic Pixel Histogram Shifting

Abstract—This paper deals with image concealing in compressed MPEG video files by dynamic pixel histogram shifting. The image concealing is done within the random macroblocks of the predicted frames. The random macroblocks are generated by pseudo random generation algorithm. Unlike previous approaches, the predictive frames are tampered more than the bidirectional frames to achieve increased robustness and message payload. The secret image is concealed within the random macroblock in the predictive frames of the compressed MPEG video. The video is reconstructed and image is encoded in the forward predicted frames and bidirectional frames of the compressed video. This approach when implemented and tested for multiple groups of pictures results in higher message payload, accurate message extraction and achieves robust reconstructed video. Hence the proposed approach leads to minimum compressed overhead and better video quality when compared with data concealment techniques based on motion vectors.