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Efficient Clustering With Secure Routing in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Network

Dynamic Wireless Sensor Network (DWSN) has higher count of tiny sensor nodes in network. To perform the operations such as data transfer, communications, token transfer etc. at each node requires energy. So, transmission of information decreases the network lifetime in sensor network. The system builds the lifetime of network by minimizing the utilization of energy of specific sensor node. For secure communication Certificate-Less Effective Key Management (CLEKM) protocol is used. The Cluster Head (CH) which has cluster key for the purpose of forwards message's inside the cluster. Pair-wise key shares the key to every node present in neighbor. The collected information is forwarded securely to base station by making use of individual key. The CLEKM reinforces effective key modified after removal of a node or gets added in a cluster. In the system, if attack is performed on cluster members or cluster head, it may lead to major data loss. To overcome this problem the new Data Collection Node (DCN) is added to network which collects authenticated data and minimize the load of Base Station (BS). This newly introduced Efficient Secure Routing Data Collection Node (ESR-DCN) detects the attack and sends data securely to BS through DCN using CL-EKM. Keywords— Wireless Sensor Networks.