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FDPM: IP Traceback System Against Ip Spoofing

Abstract— Denial of service attack denies services given by resources to the legitimate clients. DOS Attacker uses IP spoofing technique to hide their own identity, so first step to defend against DoS Attack is to find out IP address of the attacker to take further action. This paper represents a novel and practical IP trace back system, Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking (FDPM) to get IP address of the attacker when IP spoofing technique is used by attacker. FDPM belongs to the packet marking family of IP trace back systems. The novel characteristics of FDPM are in its flexibility: first, it can adjust the length of marking field according to the network protocols deployed (flexible mark length strategy); second, it can also adaptively change its marking rate according to the load of the participating router by a flexible flow-based marking scheme. This paper focuses on implementation of FDPM on network processor.