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Efficient Multipath Dynamic Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Mobile Ad hoc Networks are featured by dynamic changes in the network. Being infrastructure-less routing plays a vital role. In a classical network routing mechanisms, the route with the minimal hops is normally chosen for transmission of data from source to destination. Reactive protocol like Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) uses route caching to minimize the routing overhead and latency during route discovery. The protocol need to adjust to the frequent topology changes in order the cache to be utilized effectively. Frequent data communication along one path in network results in the depletion of node energy so an alternate path may be preferred .In this paper, an efficient multipath routing protocol (EM-DSR) based on DSR is proposed. The main task of the proposed protocol is to find multi-paths from source node to sink node considering the maximum residual energy of the path to transmit the data. Compared to single-path DSR, the proposed routing protocol improves the network lifetime. The results are simulated using NS-2. Index Terms- DSR, Multipath, Residual Energy, Transmission Energy