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Ilnpv6 Implelementation to Enable Mobility in Hetrogenious Networks

During the last decade, the demand of mobility support over the Internet is increasing which could be seen from an increase in a use of the Internet through mobile devices. Mobile users suffer from connection disruption when they are moving around. When a device changes from one IP network to another IP network or changes point of attachments between different wireless technologies, then the IP address changes, and the TCP session breaks. This work examines how IP mobility can be established using the end hosts only, without changing the current infrastructure. However, the current Internet Protocol (IP) does not design to support this feature. This thesis shows that ILNP provides mobility support, and is implemented in the Linux (Redhat6) kernel. This work demonstrates ILNPv6,an instance of ILNP ,is a superset of IPv6 and it can be implemented in the Linux kernel by extending the current IPv6 code. It shows the improved control and performance of ILNPv6. Index Terms— ILNP, Locator, Vertical Handoff, Mobility.