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Design Of Efficient Reprogramming Architecture For Multihop Code Generation In Wireless Sensor Network Using B-Mac

Abstract— this paper proposes a Reprogramming Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network using B-MAC to provide more energy efficient & robust code dissemination protocol for multihop environment. Recent research in wireless sensor network has highlighted the importance of supporting the capability for remote reprogramming of sensor nodes via wireless network. Ease of programming has long been recognized as a major hurdle to the adoption of WSN technology. In response to this need, several platform dependent programming solutions have been hitherto developed. A well-established characterization of the available approaches is, however, largely missing. As a result, researchers are unable to orient themselves in this diverse field, and developers struggle in identifying the solutions most appropriate to their application requirements. In this research work, the various key issues for designing and implementing adaptive reprogramming for multihop code generation in WSN has been considered. One of the most important challenges of ad hoc & sensor networks i.e. efficient and distributed control of the channel occur at the MAC layer has motivated to focus the research more on the MAC layer.