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Evaluation Of Twig Pattern Queries For Streaming Xml Data Using Lineage Encoding

Abstract—In this paper, we propose an energy and latency efficient XML dissemination scheme for the mobile computing. It describes a novel unit structure called G-node for streaming XML data in the wireless environment. It exploits the profit of the structure indexing and attributes summarization that may integrate relevant XML elements into a group. It provides a way for choosy access of their attribute values and text content. It also suggests a lightweight and efficient encoding format, called Lineage Encoding, to support evaluation of predicates and twig pattern queries over the stream. The Lineage Encoding format represents the parent-child relationships among XML elements as a sequence of bit-strings, called Lineage Code and provides basic operators and functions for efficient twig pattern query processing at mobile clients. Wide-ranging experiments using real and synthetic data sets demonstrate our idea outperforms predictable wireless XML broadcasting methods for simple path queries as well as complex twig pattern queries with predicate situation.