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Enhancement of Signal Strength in Evaporation Ducting Towards Radio Wave Propagation

Atmospheric ducting is a mode of electromagnetic radiation in the lower layers of earth’s atmosphere that would normally be limited to line of sight. Unfortunately, the challenging issue is found on the low receive signal strength which has been long standing issues and yet to be resolved. In this work, the investigations of the effects on propagation due to evaporation ducting are conducted through real measurement and generation of a prediction model. The correlations between the measured and modelled values were analysed. The results show that throughout the measurement period there is enhancement in the received signal strength at about 10% or 10dB, which confirmed that the signal enhancement may have significant relation to the formation of evaporation ducting over the path where the radio waves propagate. The result of this study can be considered by the cellular service providers during the network planning phase for future better service. Index Term- evaporation, ducting, received signals strength