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A Survey on Perception of Seizures and Emergency Care Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Abnormal and deviant behaviour of faulty parts of brain result in Seizures. The seizures may be caused due to various reasons and some causing even death. So to prevent this patient needs continuous monitoring even in out of hospital surroundings area. There are several ways to monitor seizures. In earlier days, for monitoring epileptic seizures electro encephalography (EEG) is used. The electrical activity along the head scalp is recorded in EEG and it uses electrodes that have to be clipped to the scalp. This makes it uncomfortable for the patient when he sleeps and this also requires long term home overseeing which is not feasible. In some cases patient had a mesh of electrodes inserted beneath skull and draped over the surface of his brain. A new advance towards in brain-machine interfaces(BMIs), which assess electrical activity from the brain and use the signal to control something. BMIs come in many shapes and sizes. They detect the tiny voltage changes in the brain that occur when neurons fire to trigger a thought or an action, and they translate those signals into digital information that is conveyed to the machine. Instead of making use of EEG, our objective is to make use of sensors i.e., Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU)to monitor the patient. The IMUs are clipped to the wrist and seizures in any direction (X, Y, and Z) can be detected. We also intend to make use of a smart phone application to detect the presence of a seizure, along with a mobile (3G or 4G) network to relay information urgently from these sensors to the nearest hospital and call for immediate care. Keywords— Seizures, EEG (Electro Encephalogram), IMU(Inertial Measure- ment Unit), Accelerometers, Gyro meters, Magnetometers.