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A Few Evaluation Study on User Communication For Twitter Topics

Generally, tweet summarization needs to consider the temporal feature from the coming tweets. Applying continuous tweet stream summarization is however not always easy, since a lot of tweets are meaningless, irrelevant and noisy anyway, because of the social nature of tweeting. Short texts are shared at unparalleled rate. Which was mainly centered on to share the opinions about particular subject. These communications mainly helpful to speak the people around the world. Within this we must publish the opinions and we must follow some person’s opinions. To evaluate these kinds of communication issues in social systems, we suggested one to deal with above stated things. Here taking one social networking for example and carry it out. Here first we're creating group as well as in that group feed some subjects. Second feed normal subjects. Which was mainly accustomed to check the way they are based on one another. As well as look into the search positions concerning the subjects. As well as share the particular groups. Third take all of the subjects as reference as well as in those subjects create subtopics. Fourthly calculate the co-variance between subject and subtopic. Keywords— Tweet Stream, Continuous Summarization, Summary, Timeline, Topic, Subtopic.