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A Protocol Implementation of Secured Wireless Sensor Networks in the Chemical Industry

This paper propose a bandwidth-efficient cooperative authentication scheme for filtering injected false data in Wire-less sensor Networks in Chemical Industries. Sensor node could be easily compromised as the attacker can gain control obtain key values and change the properties of the node. This results in an false report to sink and energy waste in en-route nodes. The proposed scheme can save energy by early detecting and filtering the most of injected false data with less time and difficulty at the en-route nodes. In addition, only a very small amount of injected false data needs to be checked by the sink, thereby reducing the burden on sink. To filter the false data, the proposed scheme adopts cooper-ativeneighbour router (CNR)-based filtering mechanism. Hence it achieves not only high filtering probability but also high reliability. Index Terms— Injected false data, Wireless sensor network, compromised sensor.