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Mapping and Analysis of Agile Quality Assurance Metrics

In modern days, many software development companies are using agile methodologies like scrum, extreme programming, lean software development etc. rather than traditional software development approaches. These agile practitioners claim that they had less amount of failure of projects as well as software product quality has been immensely improved as compared to traditional development. Heavy weight methodologies had many quality assurance techniques but these techniques were more oriented towards heavy reporting and these techniques had a large number of inspection methods where as agile methodologies are known for their built in quality assurance activities and management system [11] Many organizations are shifting towards agile software development techniques as compare to heavy weight practices. But in this scenario, still there are issues related with the quality. This systematic literature review aims at identifying key factors of agile quality assurance and the literature review associated with the quality assurance indicators of light weight methodologies. Keywords- Agile methodologies, Quality Assurance factors and Software Quality,