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An Intelligent Firewall Agent Design Against Network Attacks

A number of transactions like e-banking, e-commerce and e-taxations are carried out over the internet today. Some of these transactions pose security risks and have made various people and organizations become targets of attacks there by exposing them to lots of business liabilities such as data leakages and compliance. Today the most common forms of attacks are DOS and Spoofing attacks and this is mainly due to the availability of a number of open source software which can be used by attacker’s to easily gain unauthorized access to company resources. As reported by IBR 15% of businesses were faced with cyber-attacks in year 2014 which led to estimated loss of business revenues and as a result numerous systems have been victims of these network attacks [1]. Since firewalls and intrusion detection systems have been effective tools against network attacks most organizations’ are deploying them to defend against attacks. Despite deploying all these measures, networks are still prone to attacks because of system failures and deficiency of coordination among security systems. Firewall systems do not have the ability to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate packets. Intrusion detection systems also can detect attacks but they give out false alarms. Therefore, an integrated and dynamic system is required to defend against network attacks. This study proposed an intelligent firewall agent as an efficient defensive mechanism against denial of service and spoofing attacks. A simulation experiments is performed for validating the system. Keywords- Network security, intelligent agent, intrusion detection system, firewall, denial of service.