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A Novel Control Strategy For A Stand-Alone SEIG In Renewable Energy System

Induction generators are increasingly being used in nonconventional energy systems. The advantages of using an induction generator instead of a synchronous generator are well known. Some of them are reduced unit cost and size, ruggedness, brushless (in squirrel cage construction), ease of maintenance, self-protection against severe overloads and short circuits, etc. In isolated systems, squirrel cage induction generators with capacitor excitation, known as self-excited induction generators (SEIGs), are very popular. This paper discusses the regulation of the voltage and frequency of a standalone wind energy conversion system (WECS) based on a self-excited squirrel-cage induction machine. The proposed new closed loop PWM controller (AC-DC-AC) is used to maintain constant voltage and constant frequency at the output of the generator against varying rotor speed, changing load conditions and as well as to generate optimum power from the induction generator. The feasibility of the proposed system is simulated by using MATLAB/Simulink.