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Secure Energy Efficient Communication in Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor network consist of large number of nodes and each node has limited energy resource, and thus the lifetime of the network is one of the most critical issues. Energy saving is the crucial issue. Clustering sensors into groups, so that sensors communicate only through cluster heads and then the aggregated information is sent to the base station, which saves energy. The paper gives an energy efficient randomized clustering schema in which energy, packet delivery ratio, throughput and delay is evaluated for the various clustering protocols. Security factor has been proposed for a secure energy efficient communication in WSN. This paper emphasis is given on optimizing the energy of the network and increasing the lifespan of network. Keywords- Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Cluster Head (CH), Low-Energy Adaptive clustering Hierarchy (LEACH), Energy-Driven Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (EDACH), Base Station(BS), Wireless Sensor Network Trusted System (WSNTS), Energy Efficient Secure Clustering Hierarchy (EESCH).