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Study Of Vulnerabilities Of WLAN Security Protocols

In this era of seamless connectivity, wireless communication is indispensible. Today, most of our communication devices support Wi-Fi connectivity to fulfil our ‘basic’ need of staying connected to the ‘grid’. Wireless communication gives us the advantage of mobility. But the tradeoffs are the reduced security. For someone to hack into a wired network he should have a wired access to the network which is quite difficult, but anyone can listen in on Wi-Fi packets being transmitted via air. Most of the fraudulent activities concerning the internet are carried over by unauthorized use of wireless access points. These vulnerable WLANs need to be secured robustly. To secure the WLANs we must use the most secure technology possible. To determine this we must know the technologies available, their strengths and vulnerabilities. WLAN protocols currently used are WPA, WPA2. This paper aims to study and compare these protocols with respect to the strength of encryption techniques, security protocols and authentication techniques. The outcome of which will help us determine the best possible security measures to be implemented to secure WLANs established in homes and business enterprises.