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Extraction of Quality Parameters of Technical Fabrics using Image Processing

This paper deals with a proposed method for an objective evaluation of significant quality parameters of technical fabrics. The objective method is based on image processing techniques. The technical fabrics are usually used as sieves for a filtration. Therefore it is necessary to extract the information about the quality parameters from a fabric image which have significant influence on a filtration process. The quality parameters of the technical fabric mean a weaving density, a number of pores and a size of the sieve pores. The method should replace a subjective method which is still used for a measurement of the parameters in textile industry. Due to the proposed method, fabric defects can be detected by the proposed method as well. In contrast to the subjective method, the main advantages of the method are prompt reply with results and reproducibility. The proposed method shows very good results in a comparison with results acquired from the subjective method. Index Terms - fabric, image processing, objective method, quality parameters, subjective method.