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Intelligent Support System to Recommend Suitable Crops: using Arduino Microcontroller

Developing water shortage, because of growing populations and varying natural conditions, places stress on irrigation structures, which frequently are the primary consumptive water users. Therefore, water resources control to enhance the allocation of restrained water materials is critical. With the effect of weather alternate in India, majority of the agricultural vegetation are being badly affected in terms in their performance over duration of final two decades. Predicting the crop nicely beforehand of its harvest might help the coverage makers and farmers for taking appropriate measures for advertising and marketing and garage. Such predictions will also help the associated industries for planning the logistics of their business. Several strategies of predicting and modelling crop have been evolved in the beyond with varying fee of achievement, as those don’t take into account traits of the climate, and are mainly empirical. The proposed system Using Discrete Cuckoo Search Algorithm in which we are planning crop in any whether condition by checking weather environment and depend on that giving a water supply to our crops. Index Terms - Arduino Crop recommendation, ,Sensor information ,WSN.