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A New Token Based Scheme for Privacy Preserving and Security in Vanet

Nowadays, due to drastic increase in road accidents, VANETs have become the most discussed and an intensive area of research. These networks can improve security with the development of Intelligent transportation system(ITS).Vanets allow the vehicles moving on the same road to share information with each other by passing messages about their speed , direction etc. Vanet also allow the vehicles to communicate with the road side units RSUs. The road side units can transfer this information to other vehicles. This creates an inter-communication network between vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure(V2I).Due to this inter-communication the safety of the drivers becomes a big issue. In some special scenario, such as a very important person like a President of a country or a critical patient or a criminal travelling by road, the identity of these need to be prohibited from the other commuters travelling by the same road. In this paper, we propose a token based privacy preserving scheme to hide the identity of the drivers and allow them to communicate using these tokens for a short period of time in case there are hurdles on the road. The token generation is done by Trusted authority. These temporary tokens are destroyed after the communication. The security is also provided by encrypting the communication between them. Keywords - VANET, Privacy preserving, token generation, Base Station, security