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Secure Banking using Keystroke Dynamics

It is accepted that the approach of typing on keyboard varies from person to person and contains temporal arrangements patterns, which may be used to classify the user. This is defined as the concept of keystroke dynamics. Keystroke dynamics may be an activity of biometric modality, whose performance is determined by various aspects such as fingerprint, iris or face recognition. Inter-stroke time (IST) i.e., the interval between each stroke is an important factor in defining the keystroke dynamics. The recorded keystroke data is processed through a neural algorithm and the result is stored for further comparisons. Security of data from intruders is the major concern in online banking systems. The proposed approach uses keystroke dynamics in the banking sector to stop unauthorized access to users’ account information using behavioral analysis pattern. Training the machine to the concept of keystroke dynamics using behavioral analysis improves its accuracy and reliability. This will in turn increase the security of online banking and boost the overall performance of the system. Keywords - E-banking, keystroke dynamics, security, inter-stroke time, behavioral analysis