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Study in Solution of Intractable Problems through Soft Computing

In theoretical computer science, solution of computational problems require suitable algorithms. In this context an important question arises how & when an algorithm provides a satisfactory solution. The efficiency of an algorithm is measured on the basis of time complexity & space complexity. Worst case complexity of an algorithm is the largest no. of machine cycles or operations needed to solve a given problem. A problem that is solvable using an algorithm with polynomial worst case complexity is called TRACTABLE i.e. solution can be found in polynomial time. The situation is much worse for a problem that cannot be solved using algorithm with worst case polynomial complexity. Such a problem will be called INTRACTABLE. Many problems in practically diverse fields such as Industries Humanities, Inventory & supply chain Management, Medicine etc. instead of looking, exact and precise solution of a problems, approximation is sought for i.e. agreed on approximate solutions. Soft computing refers to a variety computational techniques which are applied in situations where imprecision, approximation uncertainly and partial truth is tolerable. The present paper relates to some of the important soft computing methods being implemented, towards solution of intractable problems.