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A Novel Approach To Maximize Network Life Time By Reducing The Variance Of Power Consumption Among Nodes In Wireless Sensor Network

A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) comprises many sensor nodes each one containing a processing unit, one or more sensor, a radio for data communication and power unit usually equipped with a low capacity battery. All sensors present in wireless sensor network are battery operated devices which have limited battery power. After the deployment of sensor nodes it is not possible to replace each and every battery in the network. Therefore optimal energy consumption for WSN protocol is a necessity. Maximize network life time is the main objective of power aware routing and this can be achieved by forwarding the network traffic in different paths so that the variance of power level of all nodes are minimized. Our approach is to minimize the variance of power consumption of all nodes so that it will increase the life time of whole network. Our algorithms will select the shortest path from source to destination, then next time it selects the shortest path excluding the nodes whose average power consumption is more in previous shortest paths calculations. Our approach will forward traffic in different paths by means of selecting different nodes instead of selecting some particular nodes to forward traffic. It gives nearly minimum power consumption of all nodes by selecting the shortest path and increase network life time by excluding the nodes which are overused.