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An Approach of Hybrid Transposition Method based on ASCII Value in Cryptography

Every day millions of people interact electronically through different computer applications such as e-mail, ecommerce websites, ATM machines, or different mobile device applications and uses Internet either directly or indirectly to transfer the data over the networks. With perpetual growth of Internet usage, the demand for data security while transferring and storing the data has increased. This has further led to increase the importance of cryptography and its various technics for security reasons. In this paper, a hybrid cryptography method is proposed which uses both substitution and transposition technics to secure the plain text. The proposed method first applies substitution with the help of three different keys followed by transposition using forth key consist of matrix size on equivalent ASCII values of plaintext. The forte of the method is its all four keys. Within the same manner decryption will be done at receiver's facet but in reverse way of encryption. Keywords - Cryptography, Encryption, Decryption, Cryptanalysis, Symmetric key, Asymmetric key, Hybrid, Transposition