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Multi Level Queue Round Robin CPU Scheduling Algorithm (MQRR)

The main objective of CPU scheduling is maximum utilization of CPU, minimizing the average waiting time(AWT),minimizing the average turnaround time(ATT) and also minimizing the average response time. Various operating systems follow various scheduling algorithms[1][2].The classic scheduling algorithms include First Come First Serve(FCFS),Shortest Job First(SJF),Priority, Round Robin, Multi level queue(MLQ),Multi Level Feedback Queue(MLFQ).The criteria to compare these algorithms include CPU utilization, Throughput, Turnaround time, waiting time and response time. In this paper we have proposed a new CPU scheduling algorithm called multilevel Queue Round Robin(MQRR) CPU scheduling algorithm, which considers the ready queue to be partitioned into two separate queues. We have compared this algorithm with Round-Robin algorithm in terms of Average Waiting Times and Average Turnaround Times and also compared these two algorithms by considering different process arrival times and equal process arrival times. MQRR is giving less AWT and less ATT when compared with Round Robin algorithm in all the cases. Comparison has been done by considering burst times in three different cases, that is ascending order, descending order ,and random order burst times. Keywords - Average Waiting Time, Average Turnaround Time, Burst time, Gantt chart.