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Fine Grained Access Control Using Views With Virtual Updates

Databases often store critical, sensitive and extremely confidential information. To protect this information from being accessed by third-parties without proper authorization, individuals and organizations have to be cautious about protecting the information. While preserving database privacy or privacy of the individuals involved, we need to assure that database provides as informative answers to the needed users. In this scenario to preserve privacy, we classify the information that has to be kept secret as a view extension. Any attempt to access unauthorized fields is prevented by updating the resultant view using null values. Content based access control is used for ensuring the privacy. We propose an algorithm to achieve content based access control using algorithm for retrieving data using simple queries and nested queries. It also includes the criteria setting for each individual field and then filter the data accordingly. This work includes normal conjunctive queries as well as queries involving negation and nested queries. The system performance is measured based on the rowcount complexity.