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Sensor Networks

Sensor network are said to be group of specialized transducer or device, which normally responds to physical stimulus such as (sound, light, pressure, heat) and then turns this qualities into a recordable signals such as (mechanical and electrical signals). Sensor network consist of multiple detection stations called nodes, each node in a sensor network is typically equipped with a radio transceiver or wireless communication device, a small microcontroller, and an energy source. Sensor network plays a major rule in transportation management, medical area and especially in security doors. The platforms in which sensor operates on are hardware computing platform, transducers, operating system, and communication modules. Sensor network has so many applications such as industrial automation, in health care, automation and smart homes, video surveillance etc. Sensor networks are used to monitor complex phenomenon. There are so many areas in sensor networks such as the sensor network design and operation, platforms in which the operate, the application, and power management etc. This research work is going to explain the different areas. Sensor networks are categorize into two parts namely wired and wireless sensor network, but am going to talk more on wireless sensors networks because of its relevance in the society today. This paper concludes on making sensor networks better in the nearest future. Key words - Sensor Networks, their Platforms, Applications, Types.