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A Survey on Energy Efficiency Issues and Solutions in Mobile ADHOC Networks

Adhoc networks are a dynamic collection of communicable devices or nodes which are configured within and are not controlled by any central arbiter. Improvement of the routing protocols for adhoc and sensor networks are given more attention and focus, although routing efficiency contributes as one of the cause to improve energy efficiency, an essential consideration and typical focus must be given over energy efficiency further with intensive care which would cause insidious effects when being ignored. This paper surveys the factors affecting the energy of the nodes and the solutions to overcome those effects from year 2005-2016. Discussions on the recent methodologies and their techniques such as Topology, Power management and other schemes such as on-demand and Synchronous schemes required to improve the energy efficiency of the nodes involved in the dynamic network are undergone. Keywords - Adhoc Networks, Energy Efficiency, Power management, Topology, Event Based Schemes.