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The Future of Data Center Consolidation: SuperConvergence

Convergence in industries is creating tremendous new opportunities and new modes for technology innovation. Convergence providing greater risk management, greater control mechanisms, greater consistency and predictability and greater cost reduction. Convergence with the view of network convergence is leading current IT infrastructure to new levels of efficiency through greater integration and centralization. Convergence is the name where advancements in compute, storage, and network are converging to enable new capabilities, reduction in cost, and introduction of new scale of computing which are previously unimaginable. Performance, resiliency, and scalability are the demands of modern cloud computing environment. The next generation of converged infrastructure, the superconvergence, is poised to provide exactly that. Companies are enabling a giant leap in cloud performance through converged storage, networking, and server systems. This paper provides details regarding the next generation of IT Infrastructure development, the superconvergence. Keywords - Siloed, CI, HCI, SCI, Data Centre, Unified Platform, Nvmeof