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Improved Image Watermarking using DWT with Predictive Coding for Hiding Encrypted Watermark

Digital watermarking is used as a key solution to make the data transferring secure from illegal interferences. Here a technique using DWT with Predictive Coding is implemented. DWT converts image into frequency domain which increases robustness and Predictive Coding selects proper location to high watermark which increases imperceptibility without degrading image quality. Finally, Arnold Transform is used to encrypt watermark which further enhances security of watermark as well as watermarking scheme. Experimental results show much better results than previous schemes in both cases without Arnold and with Arnold. Without Arnold scheme gives PSNR 76.70dB and NC 0.96 and with Arnold PSNR is 76.75dB and NC is 0.80. Some common attacks are also applied to test robustness and imperceptibility of proposed scheme. In both cases, scheme has shown satisfactory results. Keywords - Digital Image Watermarking, DWT, Predictive Coding, Arnold Transform.