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ECRK-IH - Elliptical Curve Random Key Generation Integral Hashing for IEEE 802.11 Multi-Rate Wireless Networks

Physical layer of wireless network IEEE 802.11 supports multiple link rate which requires desired Signal-to- Interference-and-Noise Ratio (SINR). In case of transmission failure in Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) of IEEE 802.11 adopted exponential back-off to reduce congestion and hoping in channel. In this context adoption of back-off algorithm and multirate in traditional link of wireless communication leads to excessive transmission attempts in the network. To improve the number of channel attempts DCF of IEEE 802.11 resets back-off window to minimal value for successful transmission while traditional link increase the data rate. Due to contrast between increased data rate and minimal back-off value overall transmission attempts in wireless network which leads to performance degradation of wireless network. To resolve this limitation in this paper proposed a Elliptical Curve Random Key Generation Integral Hashing (ECRK-IH). The proposed ECRK-IH co-ordinate the back-off and adapt rate of the wireless network. ECRK-IH is the receiver-assisted rate adaptation protocol with modification of overhead controlling in the IEEE802.11. ECRK-IH algorithm is developed based on contention window calculation and construction of malicious. Key generation in proposed mechanism is based on performance elliptical curve mechanism with integral hashing scheme. Further other network parameters like average false positive and network change also evaluated for effective functionality of proposed ECRK-IH. Simulation results demonstrated that proposed approach perform effectively in terms of Packet delivery ratio (PDR), overall delay, Packet loss ratio (PLR) and routing in network. Keywords - Multi- rate, Back-off, IEEE 802.11, ECRK-IH, SINR, Network Contention