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Implementing Visual Cryptography for Secure Online Payment System

In order to make online payment more secure and trustworthy, Merchant as well as Client needs to be verified. In current scenario only Client is verified against Merchant server (ex. giving captcha to distinguish between User and machine) and not vice versa. In our system we mainly focus on two-way authentication. Client verifies Merchant and Vice a versa by using Visual cryptography. Visual cryptography is applied on confidential data such as QR Code (on One-time password, QR Code is applied then) from which two shares are generated. One share is send to Client through Email and other is send to Merchant. Merchant in tern send share to Client. This way client trust is gained by merchant server for secure online transaction. Keywords - Anti-phishing, One-time password (OTP), QR Code, Secure Online Payment, Visual Cryptography.