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An Adaptive Method of Odd-Even Scanning (OES) Algorithm in WSN For Enhancing Network Efficiency

Remote detecting system utilizes lightweight sensors that have low power reinforcement. Therefore power saving is exceptionally noteworthy in such quite system. Suggested calculation "Odd - Even virtual scanning" is used to acknowledge any protest effectively, adequately and it conjointly saves important power in wireless sensors. As sensing element are sent in even and odd mode , in order that they are switches amongst resting and alert mode and also the different way around, in the odd much manner, wherever the identification of targets, getting into from the entrance point, before they reach one of the end point of protection point. It detects the energy of an object within scanning area as well because it also saves energy consumption by this work opens a promising detection of road network surveillance. It centers consumption and it improves the life time of sensor. The execution of the odd-Even examining approach as far as system time is double than all completely different past filtering calculations as way as system time. All the past procedures target vitality utilization however here paper target diminishing the invention time and additionally energy consumption. The main focus is to enhance the energy and performance of the sensing element scanning method. The sensing programming rule plays a job for target intrusion detection, utilizing the distinctive options of road networks Keywords—Sensor Network, Road Network, Virtual Scanning, Detection, Protection, odd - Even virtual scanning