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Hybrid Clustering Algorithm with Angular and Distance Based Layered Distribution of the Wireless Sensor Networks

The WSN clustering is the primary scheme used for the WSNs in order to run them longer by effectively utilizing their resources. The effective clustering scheme can run the WSNs for the longer periods, which means the cluster will collect and transmit the sensing data for the longer periods in order to give the correct, detailed and longer results than the ordinary clustering schemes. In this research, the primary focus will remain on the development of the effective clustering scheme for WSNs to maximize their lifetime, while making them energy efficient and resource efficient. In this paper, the distance and location aware clustering model has been proposed for the wireless sensor networks, which clusters the sensor network cloud in the layered formation based division in the form of the layers around the primary centroid or base station. The proposed model has been evaluated in the simulation scenario for the energy and communication based strength evaluation, where it has been found efficient and produces the good results. Keywords - WSN clustering, Distance clustering, Angular clustering, Hybrid Clustering.