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Adaptive Energy Efficient S-Mac Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless sensor network are used in physical environment to monitor real world. These networks consist of small sensors called as sensor node. They are battery operated, resource constrained, with very small amount of memory. In recent few decades Wireless Sensor Network gain very much popularity due to its efficient, flexible and support of wide variety of application. But in such type of network battery replacement is infeasible and thus energy preservation is main concern of designed protocol. Normally energy consumption is reduced by making turn off the radio of sensor node. In this work, we present an adaptive Sensor-MAC algorithm to improve the working of S-MAC protocol. This new S-MAC protocol changes the duty cycle dynamically as well as does the prioterized message passing. Normally all nodes use same duty cycle in Sensor MAC irrespective of its utilization of node, Adaptive protocol calculate utilization of node and adjust duty cycle accordingly. In addition to this, we also prioterized the message passing aiming to reduce energy and latency.