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Role of Network Virtualization in Cloud Computing and Network Convergence

In the internet world now days there are three major phases Multi-device access (mobile), Cloud computing & Social networking service, & there are two major trends Globalization & Convergence. Convergence & emerging trends creates a great impact on Information and Telecommunication systems. Organizations success depends upon large scale to the technologies being used. All technologies need to be upgraded regularly in order to serve its purpose. Network virtualization, which we may have call the future of present network infrastructure, which is expected to become a fundamental characteristics of the future networking pattern, will play a major role in next-generation networks. This paper discusses role of network virtualization in cloud computing, which leads to a solid network convergence mechanism, which is nothing but we refer as next-generation network(NGN). Keywords - Network Virtualization, Cloud Computing, NGN, Convergence, Internet Architecture, SaaS, PaaS, NaaS