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An Energy Efficient Multi-Sensor based Dynamic Motion Control Algorithm for Autonomous Mobile Robot

Mobile robotic systems have gained significant attention where they represent a complex interaction with challenging environments. Some applications require continuous operations, so the robot’s motions have to be optimized to reduce their energy consumption. Total energy consumption in mobile robotic applications is one of the most important issues that has not been adequately considered. Mobile robots are limited by the amount of energy supplied by the batteries they carry where a new supply of energy while working is too expensive to be realistic. Thus, this work is aiming to minimize the energy consumption of a wheeled mobile robot in dynamic environments. The total energy consumption is evaluated in multiple directions where both motion energy and operation energy are considered while the robot is moving in dynamic environments and avoiding collisions. The experimental results demonstrate that energy can be conserved by regulating the speed, distance, motors duty cycles, and sensing frequency. Keywords- Power consumption, Mobile robot , Dynamic control, Energy efficiency, Multisensory system.