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Deploying Pragmatic Techniques For Campus Network Design

This paper dwells on the notion that the designing of networks must escalate from applying just a basic set of rules, to utilizing the myriads of technologies now available to us, the plethora of services whose provision to end users is now possible and the nuances that emerge by the combination of the different technologies and services. To adapt to the changes in network designing, we propose an architecture for campus network design using state of the art technologies such as Ether Channels, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), VPN (Virtual Private Network), Wi-Fi, redistribution of protocols, Link Redundancy and ISP Redundancy. The network architecture has been designed on Cisco’s network simulation software: Cisco Packet Tracer. The proposed design is an enhancement of the existing network architecture of Jaypee University of Information Technology. The design can be utilized while laying down the LAN architecture of any other campus, be that a University, Corporate office or Hospital.