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Minimization Of The Transmission Time Of Optimal Uplink Query Processing Using Relay Nodes

Leasing processing power plays a crucial role in mobile computing network. It is widely used for many applications in industries, military, home monitoring system etc. A gamut of new mobile applications has thus emerged for providing a better quality of experience for the end users. Many mobile applications retrieve content from remote servers via user generated queries, which originates at the Mobile Station (MS). In order to be completed, the request must be transmitted upstream to a remote Application Server via a Base Station and a series of midnetwork nodes with "leasing" capabilities are deployed in between by the service provider. Systems with leasing servers are deployed to offer processing capability for the user queries before they reach the AS,which alleviates the processing burden on the MS thereby reducing its battery consumption and minimize the communication latency. We evaluate a mobile computing scenario where "Relaying strategies" are proposed here to improve the response times and make the system more secure , which involves the following techniques :- (1) Amplify-and-forward (2) Decode-and-forward