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An Enhanced Coordinated Distributed Scheduling Mechanism For Ieee 802.16 Wireless Mesh Networks

IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless technology offers a high speed internet access for both the nomadic and mobile users. To satisfy the needs of the interactive users with low latency and greater throughput, an efficient and robust resource allocation scheme is required. The Medium Access Control (MAC) layer supports both centralized and decentralized scheduling. In this paper, distributed scheduling is taken into account for relaying the packets which are independent of the centralized Base station. The coordinated distributed scheduling incorporates the election algorithm to determine the competing node’s transmission slots and holdoff time algorithm to compute the node’s contention slots. We propose an Enhanced Coordinated Distributed Scheduling (E-CDS) algorithm which prioritize the transmission opportunities for the conflicting nodes and decides the holdoff time of a node using the number of active neighbours. The proposed scheme strive to achieve broader utilization of transmission slots and minimal time for establishing the data scheduling. Our simulation results proves that E-CDS algorithm provides a greater network utilization compared to the existing approaches.