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BISYNC-Binary Xml Based Data Synchronization For Mobile Devices

The technology rapidly expanding for mobile devices will give a communication capability for mobile users. Every device has its own database so the users can synchronize the data from anywhere and anytime. Recent improvements in mobile device for data synchronization is based on the relational databases and also used an algorithm SAMD (Synchronization Algorithm based on Message Digest) to improve the synchronization. In current practice, mobile application can able to send several requests alternatively to synchronize itself. But relational database involves much more time consuming for data synchronization whenever an application send multiple requests alternatively. Similarly message digest algorithm consumes more time and it involves more calculations. To achieve efficient synchronization we propose xml based data synchronization for mobile devices in heterogeneous environment. Xml is adopted to describe databases. We can achieve this by replacing the existing relational data to xml data in a real time manner. This paper includes BiSync mechanism, a binary encoding method which is based on property of xml data to reduce the time consumption for processing several alternative requests from mobile applications.