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Importance of Big Data in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are very important technology in these days. The main idea behind the IoT is that almost every object or device will be having an IP address and will be linked to each other. Now, considering the fact that Most of the devices are linked and producing massive volumes of data, the efficiency of data collection mechanism is going to be challenged. One of the most important features of IoT is its real-time communication of information about the “linked things”. The difficulty lies in doing this at a mass amount and challenging. The four main distinctiveness about IoT is a)Large data size (TBs to PBs) b) High speed of data flow, data change (OLTP) and data processing (OLAP, analytics) c) Diverse structured and unstructured data, diverse data models and query languages, diverse data sources and veracity. This review paper talks about the challenges of IoT with Big Data, the requirements, the technologies used, the data security issues, the challenges etc. Keywords - IoT, Big Data, Size, Speed, Diverse data, veracity.