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Design of an Intelligent Cloud Learning System to Develop Digital Literacy and Collaborative Learning Skill

This study was conducted to research and develop an Intelligent Cloud Learning System (ICLS) to develop digital literacy and collaborative learning skill. The aims of this study were 1) to design an ICLS to develop digital literacy and collaborative skill and 2) to evaluate an ICLS. The research method was divided into two phases. The first phase involved the design of the model: 1) to study, analyze, and synthesis the content; 2) to arrange the Intelligent Cloud Learning System process; and 3) to summarize the results. The second phase involved the model evaluation. The sample group in this research consisted of seven experts in the fields of design cloud learning system, information technology, algorithm and instructional design. These experts were selected by purposive sampling. Data were analyzed using arithmetic means and standard deviations. The process of developing an ICLS has four components. The model helps to develop digital literacy and collaborative learning skill. The experts agreed with the overall model and had a learning activity that was appropriate at a very good level. Index Terms - Cloud Learning, Digital Literacy, Collaborative Learning Skill, Intelligent Tutoring System

Author - Wanpen Plisorn, Pallop Piriyasurawong

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| Published on 2018-12-01
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