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Deduplication on Encrypted Big Data in Cloud

Cloud computing offers a latest approach of service provision by re-arranging varied resources over the net. the foremost major and widespread cloud service is data storage. So on maintain the privacy of data holders, data area unit sometimes hold on cloud in associated degree encrypted kind. However, encrypted data introduces provocation for cloud data duplication that becomes crucial for big data storage and method in cloud. Ancient replicating schemes cannot work on encrypted information[1].They cannot exile support in- formation access management and repeal. that's why, not of them could also be immediately deployed in follow. throughout this paper, we tend to gravitate to place forward a topic to deduplicate encrypted data hold on in cloud supported freehold challenge and proxy re-encryption[6]. It integrates cloud data deduplication with access management. we tend to tend to evaluate its performance supported exhaustive analysis and laptop simulations. The results show the superior efficiency and effectiveness of the theme for potential sen-sible activity, notably for big data deduplication in cloud storage[2]. Keywords - Access Control, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Deduplication, Proxy Re-Encryption

Author - Nehal Pandey, Nishant Jain, Nikshay Jain, Ishita Mattoo, Neha Hajar

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| Published on 2019-09-11
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