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Paper Title :
Securing And Maintaining Privacy Information Brokering In Distributed Data Sharing

Author :Sanket Divate, Pratap Ghayal, Saurabh Mamidwar, Mayur Narawade, Meghna Lokhande

Article Citation :Sanket Divate ,Pratap Ghayal ,Saurabh Mamidwar ,Mayur Narawade ,Meghna Lokhande , (2015 ) " Securing And Maintaining Privacy Information Brokering In Distributed Data Sharing " , International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN) , pp. 75-79, Volume-3, Issue-6

Abstract : From last 2 to 3 years many of the organizations are work together in collaboration with each other, many times this organizations need to share the information using on demand access from the require database. So, peer to peer overlay structure of Information brokering system (IBS) is used for sharing the data between all the distributed data sources. This IBS has some components same as distributed data servers as well as brokering components to locate the database servers for requested queries. Server side access control is used in existing IBS along with it make assumption that brokers are trusted to give little bit attention to privacy of metadata which is stored in and shared from distributed database servers using IBS along with data which is on server. Here in this paper, we considering the issues related with privacy of information in Information brokering process. In this paper we are also focusing on prevention of the two types of attacks which are always happen with distributed information sharing; these attacks are “1]Inference Attack” and another is “2]Attribute-Correlation Attack”. Along with this we are going to provide broker- coordinator overlay structure with two new proposed schemes “Automaton Segmentation Scheme”(for routing) and “Query Segment Encryption” scheme(for privacy) for sharing the secure query routing function between the set of brokering servers . In this paper we are proposing the “Privacy Preserving Information Brokering System” which is new approach for enforcing secure and privately sharing information in distributed information sharing. Finally with analysis on privacy as well as analysis of performance we successfully show that using information brokering with some reasonable overhead the privacy of data and metadata is preserved along with enforcing the security in distributed information sharing . Keywords- Automaton segmentation, Metadata, Access control, IBS.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-3, Issue-6


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| Published on 2015-06-17
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