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Spatial Analysis Of Cyclist Behaviors Using Geographic Information Techniques: A Case Study In The Tamsui And Bali Cycle Path, Taiwan

Tamsui is a famous tourism attraction located at northern Taiwan. Over 6 million tourists per year visit Tamsui Old Street. Thus, we attempted to select Tamsui and Bali to analyze spatial cyclist behavior of popular scenic spots and routes. In this study, we used map and questionnaire to collect information of cyclist behaviors. A total of 365 maps and questionnaires was collected. Spatial analysis was used to assess spatial cyclist behaviors. The main tourist source areas are from New Taipei City and Taipei City. The Taipei Metro Rapid Transit (MRT) Tamsui station is the main rest stop of Tamsui and Bali for cyclists of tourism purpose. Thus, it has highest frequency in the rest stops of the study area. Further, the Tamsui and Bali cycle path is the most popular route for cyclists of tourism and leisure purpose in Tamsui and Bail. Index Terms- spatial analysis, cyclist behavior, cyclist flow, cycle path, cycle route.

Author - Meng-Lung Lin, Ching-Sheng Wang, Chiung-Hsu Liu, Chien-Min Chu

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| Published on 2015-11-27
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